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ActivaPatch IntelliDose 2.5 - Pack of 6

ActivaPatch IntelliDose 2.5 - Pack of 6

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ActivaPatch IntelliDose 2.5

ActivaPatch IntelliDose 2.5 from is a disposable, single use, non-invasive iontophoretic drug delivery system that utilizes a microprocessor to deliver 40 or 80mA–min dosage of a negatively-charged ionic solutions.

The unique ActivaPatch platform includes the active drug containment chamber, electronically connected to an integrated hydrogel dispersive electrode that does not require saline fill to activate. It eliminates the need for a separate dose controller and the necessary lead wire connections associated with conventional iontophoretic drug delivery systems. Equipped with an on-board, interactive, flashing LED which provides feedback for the clinician and patient, the ActivaPatchutilizes SmartPower to detect skin impedance, maximizing effectiveness and ensuring results.

The flexible and low-profile ActivaPatch contours to multiple anatomical treatment sites, and a single patch can deliver a 40mAmp*min or 80mAmp*min treatment in approximately 2.5 hours.

Smart Delivery System

  • Effective:
    • Fully integrated SMART POWER system
    • Constantly monitors skin resistance
    • Detects problems with current continuity
    • Indicated treatment mode
    • No dose contoller
  • Convenient:
    • No external power source
    • No saline fill
    • Simply pull the tab to activate, fill the drug reservoir and apply directly to the treatment site
  • Fast & Accurate:
    • 80 mA min in 2.5 hours
    • 40 mA min in 1.25 hours
    • Realtime power-off indicated by LED
    • Most accurate delivery time; avg. 2% vs. 37% for other patches
  • Comfortable:
    • Minimizes skin sensitive
    • Eliminated itching
    • Thin and flexible
    • No skin adhesive burns

    ActivaPatch Technical Specifications:

    • Active Area: 11.4cm²
    • Dosage: 40 or 80 mA*min
    • Skin Adhesive: Hypoallergenic
    • Maximum Buffer Capacity: Ag/AgCl Stabilizer
    • Fill Volume: 2.0cc
    • Smart Power: 6V with Intelligent Microprocessor
    • Packaging: 6 ActivaPatch Kits. Alcohol Wipes. Patient Information Cards

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