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Angle Oar Adaptive Kayak Paddle - Sit in Style
Angle Oar

Angle Oar Adaptive Kayak Paddle - Sit in Style

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Angle Oar

Angle Oar Kayak Paddle System

The Angle Oar System from comes with both a paddle and an attachable Kayak mount. The Angle Oar rests upon the mount, eliminating the weight of the paddle and therefore greatly reducing the energy required to propel the kayak. As a result, paddlers can go for much longer outings before tiring, using a simple rotary motion, much like pedaling a bicycle with your hands. This newly patented technology opens up recreational kayaking to people who may not have had the strength, endurance or mobility to paddle a kayak, such as senior citizens, kids, people with physical disabilities, or people with asthma or other health conditions. The Angle Oar can also be used by someone with only one arm, without a prosthetic.

Functionality: The paddler can adjust the mount position so that the paddle is closer or farther from his or her body, or raise or lower it, for optimal comfort. Both shafts of the Angle Oar are adjustable, allowing it to range from 205 - 240 cm in length. On windy days, either shaft can be shortened or lengthened to compensate for the push of the wind. The shafts can be angled down to roughly 25 degrees or kept straight at 180 degrees. The paddle can be easily removed from the mounting post.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The mount that accompanies the Angle Oar will fit most, but not all, sit in kayaks. If for some reason this primary mount does not fit, Angle Oar has other options available.

Angle Oar Key Features:

  • Paddle rests upon a central mount making it virtually weightless
  • Can be used angled or straight, on or off the mount
  • Each shaft length can be lengthened or shortened
  • Paddle can be raised or lowered and/or adjusted closer or farther from the body
  • Great for people with limited upper body strength or certain injuries or disabilities (e.g., back pain, shoulder or wrist injury, partial arm paralysis, amputee)
  • Made of light weight aluminum
  • The shafts can be angled down to roughly 25 degrees or locked into a straight, 180 degree position
  • Easy to use Push Button Mechanism makes adjusting effortless
  • Oar length varies from 205 to 235 cm.

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