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Bard URO-PREP Standard Universal Foley Tray
Bard URO-PREP Standard Universal Foley Tray

Bard URO-PREP Standard Universal Foley Tray

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782100, 782102

Bard URO-PREP Standard Universal Foley Tray

The Bard Standard Universal Tray from contains all the supplies necessary for successful catheterization. Bi-level, URO-PREP tray is universal and comes complete with a pre-filled inflation syringe with sterile water; 5 Rayon balls; 2 oz specimen container and label; PVP solution; plastic forceps; power-free vinyl exam gloves; 5 gram lubricant pack; drape; and underpad. Also comes available with your choice of 10cc or 30cc pre-filled water syringe for filling your balloon. All items contained in this tray are 100% sterile. Catheter sold separately.

URO-PREP Universal Insertion Tray Features & Benefits:

  • Contains all necessary items for a successful Foley catheterization
  • All contents are packaged in a removable Bi-level tray
  • Choice of 10cc or 30cc pre-filled syringe for inflating balloons
  • All contents are sterile
  • Foley Catheters sold separately

URO-PREP Universal Insertion Tray Includes:

  • Pre-Filled syringe with sterile water (10cc or 30cc)
  • Underpad
  • Latex free exam gloves (powder-free)
  • Forceps>
  • Rayon balls
  • Lubricant 5gm packet
  • Povidone-Iodine solution
  • Specimen container and labels
  • Foley catheters sold separately

URO-PREP Tray Ordering Options:

  • Bard Part # 782100: 10cc Balloon Size (without catheter)
  • Bard Part # 782102: 30cc Balloon Size (without catheter)

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