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Beasy II Transfer Board
Beasy II Transfer Board

Beasy II Transfer Board

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Beasy II Transfer Board

Beasy II Transfer Board from is perfect for smaller areas, especially bathroom transfers.

The design of the BeasyTrans Easy Transfer Systems make it possible to apply sliding technology to a wide range of transfer and therapeutic functions in both the clinical and homecare environment. It provides users with a safe, comfortable and dignified way to transfer from bed to wheelchair, from wheelchair to commode or shower seat, to a car and back again. The circular seat gliding on a track that supports the user's weight – up to 400 lbs. – also eliminates skin friction.

BeasyTrans Transfer Systems are totally portable and most users are able to get in and out of an automobile. For some, this may mean a greater quality of life – being able to visit friends and family or attending educational and cultural events. The systems may even allow the user to live at home while receiving outpatient care, rather than living in a long-term facility. Because the seat easily rotates 360 degrees, the systems it can also be used for range of motion exercises for hands, feet or other body parts.

Made of polymers the BeasyTrans is virtually maintenance free. When needed use warm water and soap to clean and wipe dry. Regular use of a disinfectant is recommended. BeasyTrans and Beasy II systems are easily disassembled for cleaning by removing the trackguard and unscrewing the nut securing the seat to the bases.


    •    Great for smaller areas
    •    Perfect for bathroom transfers
    •    May be used for independent transfers with professional approval
    •    One year warranty

    •    Length: 27.5"
    •    Width: 12"
    •    Disc Diameter: 12"
    •    Thickness (base): 1"
    •    Thickness (seat): 1/2"
    •    Weight: 4.5 lbs

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