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The active ingredient in ellura is called proanthocyanidins or PACs for short. We extract the PACs from pure cranberry juice concentrate. This means the PACs are high quality and effective in helping prevent bacteria from attaching to the walls of your urinary tract. They're the same ingredient found in pure cranberry juice, but without the unwanted extras such as calories, sugar and acid.

Other cranberry supplements are made from cranberry presscake, which is what's left over after the juice has been pressed from the cranberry harvest. The presscake includes stems, seeds and pulp, which isn't nearly as effective in supporting the flushing of bacteria from the urinary tract. This continued pressing damages the PACs and keeps them attached to the presscake. This prevents the PACs from being available to attach to the bacteria.

  • The only cranberry supplement with 36mg of PAC in each capsule (the active ingredient)
  • All-natural
  • Provides proven daily dosage of 1 capsule to promote a healthy urinary tract
  • Europe's most-trusted cranberry supplement since 2004
  • Highly bioactive

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