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Harness Racing Mitts
Harness Racing Mitts 2-Pocket Mitt/2-Pocket Mitt Quad

Harness Racing Mitts

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Harness Racing Mitts

Make every stroke count with the Harness Wheelchair Racing Mitts from Incorporated with the finest materials and workmanship, Harness Wheelchair Gloves are innovative and original. Stay off the seams, push primarily on the fingers, let the gloves dry out after every use, and the standard racing gloves are good for about 1000 miles. Custom made PER ORDER, please allow up to 10 day to build, plus ship time from Florida. Not available for Expedited Shipping. Various styles available, read below for full options. 

2-Pocket Mitt (Pair):
The mitt style provides a very stable base for the rubber push surfaces which cover the thumbs and the fingers to slightly over the back of the hand on the first two knuckles. Standard padding is ½" thick on the fingers and ¼" on the thumbs.

All four fingers are enclosed in a leather mitt with a seam dividing the fingers into pairs. If you contact the push ring with your ring or little fingers, this is the style you will want.

Standard mitts have rubber push surfaces, tabs, and full padding on a leather mitt. Options include ½ padding, and without tabs.

2-Pocket Mitt Quad (Pair)
The rubber push surface extends higher onto the back of the hand to accommodate a quad backhand stroke and a patch of rubber is added to the palm for contacting the ring when pushing steep hills. The back opening of this mitt is wider and a second wrist strap provides additional wrist support. Finger padding is ¼" thick on the fingers and thumbs. In general, most quads should choose the size recommended in the size chart--not a smaller size to compensate for atrophy. As with the wider back opening, any additional "size" will make the mitt easier to put on and take off. Standard quad mitts have rubber push surfaces on full padding on a leather mitt. 

2-Pocket Minimum Rubber Mitt (Pair)
The slightly lower cut rubber push surface on the fingers and a lightweight non-woven synthetic thumb make this a good choice if you don't push with your thumbs and need less contact area on the fingers.

Padding on the thumbs is ¼" thick and extends over the heel of the hand to cushion your fingertips. Padding on the fingers is ½" thick.

Minimum rubber mitts (shown) have rubber push surfaces, tabs, full padding on a leather mitt, and gray non-woven thumbs.

2-Fingered Glove (Pair)
If you do not contact the push ring with your ring and little fingers or you want more dexterity than the 2-Pocket Mitt, consider this style.

The rubber push surfaces on the thumb and first two fingers are identical to that of the mitt styles but the ring and little finger are separated from the first two fingers and covered only in leather.

Standard gloves have rubber push surfaces, tabs, and full padding on a leather glove. Options include ½ padding, and without tabs (shown).

The Sports 'N Spokes Magazine May/June 1994 Training Tips "The Para-backhand Pushing Technique" article written by Marty Morse, Tim Millikan, and Brad Hedrick still has the best instructions around on how to use our mitts and gloves properly.

Standard: Standard mitts and gloves are made on leather base gloves with rubber push surfaces and tab closures and there is full ½" padding over the index and middle fingers, ¼" on quads, and ¼" over the thumb. If you don't specify any options, this is what you're going to get.

½ Padding : ¼" padding over the index and middle fingers. Less padding here can increase the tactile feel of the glove against the ring but can also increase bruising on the fingers from impact. This option is not available on quad styles.

Tab Closure: The purpose of the tab closure is to unify the hand and fingers, stabilize the push surface, and maintain the hand in an optimal push position. Both can help reduce blistering and improve the effectiveness of your contact with the ring.

It is an extension or continuation of the finger push surface and is faced with loop material which engages to hook material on the back of the hand at the base of the thumb. Once both gloves are on, tabs can be engaged or disengaged by grasping the ends with your teeth.

Because using gloves with tabs may restrict your hand movements and dexterity, we strongly encourage you to re-familiarize yourself with steering and brake controls when first using gloves with tabs.

If you're not sure if you want to use tabs, we recommend that you order your gloves with tabs, try them and if you don't like using them you can cut them off.

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