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MTG EZ-Gripper Intermittent Closed System BZK Catheter Kit
MTG EZ-Gripper Intermittent Closed System BZK Catheter Kit

MTG EZ-Gripper Intermittent Closed System BZK Catheter Kit

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  • MTG Part Numbers: 52112, 52114, 52116

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52112, 52114, 52116

MTG EZ-Gripper BZK Kit Intermittent Catheter Kit

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, MTG products will be sent without Gloves. 

MTG EZ-Gripper is a self-contained, pre-lubricated, closed system catheter. From start to finish, the user will not need the fine motor skills of either the hands or fingers in order to cath. Even the packaging has been fitted with access finger holes for easier opening. Affixed to the outside of the collection bag is our patented Gripper, a handle that applies pressure to the tube from both sides of the bag, so the user doesn’t have to firmly squeeze during advancement, and tenodesis grip can be utilized. As the Gripper is advanced towards the top of the bag, the catheter also advances forward about 2”, through the urethra and into the bladder. As the Gripper is returned to its original position in the bag in preparation for another advancement, the catheter remains stable and the patented MTG EZ-Advancer valve prevents the catheter from going backwards.

Protecting the upper urinary tract is a key to reducing the risk of potential renal problems down the road. While self-catheterization is certainly going to keep UTIs to a minimum compared to bladder management using external or Foley catheters, it’s more laborious for the user. Nevertheless, once the user becomes proficient, which can take several catheterization attempts to master, the pros far outweigh the cons: No more bags and no more odor; short pants are an option, etc. 

MTG EZ-Gripper Features:

  • The catheter is pre-lubricated, so setup time is minimal.
  • The MTG introducer tip is designed to reduce the risk of recurrent Urinary Tract Infections
  • Soft, fire polished, smooth eyelets (drainage holes) allow for comfortable passage through the urethra and into the bladder.
  • Offset eyelets, located near the tip of the catheter, provide drainage from two points within the bladder.
  • The MTG EZ-Advancer valve secures the catheter tube after each forward advancement, preventing retraction back into the bag during insertion.
  • The catheter bag protects the sterility of the tube and collects the urine.
  • Sterile sample can be collected
  • The catheter is available in 12, 14 and 16 Fr., 16” length.
  • The “Tear here to empty” perforation is easy to rip, allowing for fluid to be poured into the toilet.
  • The collection bag also has access finger holes for holding during filling and draining.
  • 100% latex-free
  • Benzalkonium chloride (BZK) clear, odor-free, alcohol-free, antiseptic prep
  • DEHP-free catheter tube
  • Includes privacy bag for discreet disposal of used supplies

EZ-Gripper BZK Kit Includes:

  • Sterile MTG EZ-Gripper Cath closed system catheter
  • One pair of latex-free vinyl gloves
  • One underpad
  • One gauze pad
  • One clear BZK antiseptic prep wipe
  • One privacy bag

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