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SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist System
SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist System

SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist System

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SmartDrive MX2+

The SmartDrive MX2+ with the PushTracker wristband makes the already award-winning wheelchair power assist even better. It can power you up steep hills and through thick carpet. It's intuitive to use and will go for miles on a single charge. Turn on, get out there and rediscover your independence.

  • Powerful:The SmartDrive is surprisingly powerful. You can cruise up the steepest ramps and sidewalks. Even a thick padded hotel carpet is no problem. It even has an anti-rollback feature that allows you to stop on a hill and then easily get going again.

  • Customizable: Now with PushTracker the SmartDrive power assist can be individualized, allowing tweaks to the tap sensitivity, top speed and more. Also equipped with different selectable modes, you can easily pick the one that is best for your desired activity level and needs. But no matter what mode you chose, using the SmartDrive is intuitive and easy.

  • Easy Install:The SmartDrive is lightweight and easy to install. The system weighs only 12.5 lbs (5.7 kg) and simply attaches on the back of the chair. It can be fit on essentially any make and type of wheelchair, including folding, tilt-in space, one-arm drive and standing.

  • Control Module:
    • MX1: Push to go, coast and then brake on the handrims to stop. The original SmartDrive operation that is great for indoor use.

    • MX2: Push to go, coast and then tap brake to stop. The Normal operation the SmartDrive has come to be known for to easily take on any indoor or outdoor environment.

    • MX2+: Double-tap to start ramping up the speed, tap to coast at your current speed and then double-tap brake to stop. A game-changing operation giving weaker pushers the power to activate the motor at the tap of the wrist.
  • MX2+ Specifications:
    • PushTracker Bluetooth LE SmartDrive Control
    • Changeable Options: Mode of Operation, Top Speed, Tap Sensitivity and Acceleration (if applicable)
    • Range (level / no resistance conditions): 12 miles (19 km)
    • Battery: Li-ion (LiFePO4)—36 V & 3.4 A-h
    • Motor: 250 W Brushless DC
    • Only 12.5 lbs (5.7 kg)
    • Rigid and folding chair compatibility

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