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SmartDrive MX2 Power Assist
SmartDrive MX2 Power Assist

SmartDrive MX2 Power Assist

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SmartDrive MX2 Power Assist

The SmartDrive MX2 Power Assist from is a revolutionary power assist device that will change your life forever. It can power up steep hills and through thick carpet no problem. It is intuitive to use, just push to go and tap the push rim then brake to stop, it's that simple. It will go for miles on a single charge.

Powerful: The SmartDrive is surprisingly powerful. You can cruise up the steepest ramps and sidewalks. Even a thick padded hotel carpet is no problem. The SmartDrive has an anti-rollback feature that allows you to stop on a hill and then easily get going again.

Intuitive: Using the SmartDrive is natural. You push to go and tap brake to stop, it’s that simple. To go slow, push slow. To go fast, push fast. The SmartDrive is like a cruise control and you set the speed by the speed of your push. You turn using the pushrims, just like you would turn while going downhill

Easy To Install: The SmartDrive is lightweight and easy to install. The system weighs 12.5 lbs and the motor attaches to a hitch on back of the chair. The SmartDrive fits on almost any wheelchair, including folding chairs.

SmartDrive MX2 Specifications:

    •    Speed: 0.5 – 5.5 mph
    •    Range: 12 miles
    •    Battery: LiFePO4 – 36 V & 3.4 Ah
    •    Motor: 250 W Brushless DC
    •    Push Activated Cruise Control
    •    Bluetooth LE Drive Control
    •    Only 12.5 lbs
    •    Rigid and folding chair compatibility

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