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Thermophore MaxHEAT Automatic Moist Heat Pack
Thermophore MaxHEAT Automatic Moist Heat Pack

Thermophore MaxHEAT Automatic Moist Heat Pack

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Thermophore MaxHEAT Automatic Moist Heat Pack

The Thermophore MaxHEAT Moist Heat Pack's patented construction directs heat inward for intense therapy, but features a cool exterior. The Thermophore MaxHEAT Moist Heating Pad is the original Thermophore, with a NEW four stage therapy switch that provides 20 minute timed sessions. The unique design delivers intense, moist heat to your muscles, without having to add water. It is weighted and flexible, so it conforms to your body's contours. Includes a soft fleece blend cover.

The Switch has 3 temperature levels (high, medium and low) and shuts off automatically after approximately 20 minutes of use. On the high setting, the deep heating pad reaches full, therapeutic temperatures for which Thermophore products are renowned. The medium and low settings allow the user that is not comfortable with the maximum temperature, to find a more appropriate temperature for their needs and comfort. The lower setting enables clinicians to pre-heat the units before applying moist heat therapy to their patients.

Thermophore MaxHEAT Size Options:

  • Petite - 4" x 17": Designed for the neck, sinus or TMJ area, the Petite Thermophore pack is also wonderful for applying moist heat therapy to specific joints - such as the elbow, knee or ankle. The 17"x 4" unit with a long Velcro fastener allows adjustment for a snug fit on any small area.

  • Medium - 14" x 14": The 14" x 14" size is specifically designed for smaller areas such as a shoulder, knee or part of the abdomen. The Medium unit is often a perfect fit for the back or hip of some of our smaller, more petite users, and many customers prefer this size to take along when they travel.

  • Large - 14" x 17": The largest size is a generous 14" x 27" unit - nearly twice the size of most standard heating pads. Finally, a product that provides an area of heat therapy large enough to cover the entire spinal area, the length of a hip and leg or all across both shoulders, to effectively relieve pain and relax all the associated muscles - not just one small, isolated point.

  • Multi-Use Muff - 14" x 14": Wrap into a tube to surround a small joint or painful hands, or use flat for nearly unlimited therapy options.

When you have an arthritic condition, injury, back pain or muscle spasm - any type of pain at all - it affects everything you do. Thermophore products provide the convenience of professional quality heat therapy - on demand, to significantly improve your ability to manage your own pain. Nothing to add, no unpredictable microwave bags or smelly creams. Just press the switch and relax, as the soothing heat begins to relieve your pain.

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