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Topolino Carbon Core WX2.5 Wheelchair Wheels
Topolino Cardon Core WX2.5

Topolino Carbon Core WX2.5 Wheelchair Wheels

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WX24Y, WX24R, WX24YR, WX24RR, WX25Y, WX25R, WX25YR, WX25RR

Topolino Carbon Core Wx2.5 Wheelchair Wheels

Representing the culmination of over 25 years of experience in innovative design, the Carbon Core WX2.5 is the world’s lightest wheelchair wheelset. Utilizing the technology developed from Topolino’s high performance bicycle wheels, the WX2.5 combines strength and durability, at an incredible light weight.

Topolino Carbon Core WX2.5 Features:

  • Efficient: WX2.5 wheels roll more easily and are easier to push. The reduced effort means increased mobility with reduced fatigue.
  • Healthier: Smooth and easy rolling significantly reduces stress on arms and shoulders, a common source of repetitive motion injury among wheelchair users.
  • Easier to Use: WX2.5 wheels are easier to transport. Removing or breaking down a wheelchair often involves awkward lifting and arranging. The CX2.5’s light weight makes transitions and storing easier, while enhancing independence and mobility.

Topolino Carbon Core WX2.5 Specifications:

  • Sizes: 24” (540mm) or 25” (559mm)
  • Weight: 24" = 2.5 lbs. 25” = 2.6 lbs
  • Spokes: 20 spoke, Continuous Carbon Fiber
  • Spoke Nipples: Ultra-strong 7075 T6 aluminum, cold forged and anodized
  • Rim: Heat treated 6061 T6 aluminum, proprietary double walled design
  • Hub: Patented CarbonCore advanced composite hub
  • Handrim: 4 tab handrim (available separately)
  • Bearings: High performance sealed cartridge bearings. Standard bearing spacing 2.30 inches (alternate spacing options are available)
  • Axles: Fit standard 1⁄2” axles
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs

Topolino Technology: The wheel can be a very lightweight component, yet it can also support tremendous loads. Although basic wheel design has not changed much over the past century, we decided to use our knowledge of the latest composite materials and rethink the design, using these materials in a whole new way.

But materials are only part of the story, simply buzzwords at this point – getting the true performance out of these incredible materials required a whole new approach to wheel construction.

Taking Advantage Of Today's Materials: For the spokes, we use a hybrid construction with Kevlar fibers alongside carbon fibers, all within a thermoplastic resin matrix. The carbon fibers provide superior stiffness, while the Kevlar adds tremendous toughness.

This unique material is incredibly strong and fantastically light. Topolino's composite spoke material is stronger than a 14g stainless steel spoke and is only one-fifth the weight.

Light Weight Is Only The Beginning: The thermoplastic resin and Kevlar/carbon fibers work together to significantly dampen road vibration, for a difference you can feel. Conventional steel spokes transmit vibration very efficiently, a quality that makes for great guitar strings. But a steel spoke’s inherent sustain means it is also more effective at transmitting road vibration to the rider. Topolino’s unique composite spoke material has much lower sustain and damps much of that harsh vibration before it reaches the rider. Referring to the graph below, the rate of vibration dissipation and decay is much more rapid with composite material than with steel. Thus, Topolino’s composite spokes squelch vibration much more effectively than steel spokes.

Topolino Goes All The Way: Rather than interrupting the Kevlar and carbon fibers, each spoke spans diametrically across the whole wheel. This reduces spoke stress at the hub and allows the continuous unbroken fibers in the spoke to span clear across the wheel.

With conventional steel spokes, the spokes are not well matched to the hub flange. As any wheel builder knows, steel spokes must be manually bent near the flange and forced into alignment to direct the spoke toward the rim. This creates a flex point in the spoke and it is this flex and squirm of that is one of the main causes of spoke breakage due to fatigue.

In contrast, the Topolino hub and its spokes are perfectly mated into an integral unit to fully support each spoke within the hub flange. Even within the hub, each spoke is perfectly aligned with its span to the rim. Thus, the spokes are held in pure tension, with none of the fatigue-inducing movement or flex that is characteristic of conventional steel spokes.

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