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Urocare Latex Reusable Urinary Leg Bags
Urocare Reusable Urinary Leg Bag

Urocare Latex Reusable Urinary Leg Bags

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8509, 8510, 9510, 8516, 9516, 8518, 8526, 9526, 9532, 8532, 9544

Urocare Latex Reusable Urinary Leg Bags

Use with Foley indwelling and male external urinary catheters.

Urocare is the manufacturer of reusable latex leg bags, disposable vinyl leg bags and urinary drainage systems that incorporate the full advantages of their famous, patented Little Red Valve.

This remarkable anti-reflux valve is enclosed in a hard plastic housing which prevents the valve from being accidentally held closed when in sitting or reclining positions. The valve is virtually self-cleaning and interference free ensuring uninterrupted flow and problem free use.

Thereby, preventing back flow of urine, and reducing the risk of bladder distention and possible infections often incurred with the use of previous inferior products that have only an unprotected flutter valve extending into the bag.

The Standard Top Adapter (#6002) has a cone-shaped top with reverse grip which aids in the connection of rubber or vinyl tubing while providing a safe, secure connection. Removing the top adapter from the top valve housing exposes the famous "Little Red Valve." This patented, anti-reflux valve is self-cleaning, obstruction free and prevents urine back flow. A closer look at the valve housing reveals a large opening for quick, easy inspection and cleaning.

A unique strap loop design ensures a firm hold and accurate placement. These strap loops are an integral part of the bag, Urocare does not use glues or other adhesives which at a later time might allow the loops to separate from the bag. They can't be pulled off without damage to the bag.

A durable, seamless, latex body combined with an obstruction-free anti-reflux valve makes Urocare latex leg bags the preferred choice for security and quality.

UroCare Reusable Legbag Size Options:

  • Extra-Large 9544: Dimension 20.63" x 4.75", Capacity 44 fl. oz. (1,300 ml.)
  • Large 9532: Dimension 16.75" x 4.75", Capacity 32 fl. oz. (1,000 ml.)
  • Long-Slim 9526: Dimension 20.63" x 3.75", Capacity 26 fl. oz. (800 ml.)
  • Sport-Right Large 9516: Dimension 5.75" x 10", Capacity 16 fl. oz. (500 ml.)
  • Sport-Right Small 9510: Dimension 4.75" x 10", Capacity 10 fl. oz. (300 ml.)
  • Large-Oval 8532: Dimension 13" x 7", Capacity 32 fl. oz. (1,000 ml.)
  • Short-Wide 8526: Dimension 13.38" x 4.75", Capacity 26 fl. oz. (800 ml.)
  • Medium 8518: Dimension 13" x 3.75", Capacity 18 fl. oz. (550 ml.)
  • Sport-Left, Large 8516: Dimension 5.75" x 10", Capacity 16 fl. oz. (500 ml.)
  • Sport-Left Small 8510: Dimension 4.75" x 10", Capacity 10 fl. oz. (300 ml.)
  • Small 8509: Dimension 9.75" x 3.38", Capacity 9 fl. oz. (250 ml.)

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