The Spin Master Spinner Knob by Sure-Grip is a must have for all of you who rely on Hand Controls to drive. The Spinner Knob makes it easy to turn the steering wheel while your other hand is operating the gas or brake. It's easy to attach wherever you need it and the included shims and extender kits will ensure a proper fit on most steering wheels. The quick release function is an added benefit that allows you to remove the knob when it's not needed. Sure-Grip offers black, grey or wood grain options. The black and grey knobs have a 1" circular logo in the center featuring the or Sure-Grip logo, while the woodgrain is all wood with no logo. The screws are silver as pictured.

Sure-Grip has taken it step further by offering up other Steering Wheel Attachments to help accommodate all of us to Get Out & Go! Check them out here.

There are cheaper knobs available online sometimes called Suicide Knobs, Necker Knobs, Brody or Brodie Knobs, or Granny Knobs. These are more like the traditional knobs made famous in the 50's and 60's before the advent of power steering. Check out the full story on Wikipedia.

Spinner Knobs are not illegal and a must have for people with disabilities to safely operate their vehicle. I've used a Spinner Knob since my accident in 1992 and have one in my Honda Element as well as one I take with me on trips for rental cars.

Spinner Knob


Amy Hall

Date 5/8/2014

Hello I purchased the H.V.L. Spinner Knob years ago and I was recently in an accident. I cannot locate my knob after the accident but I still have the base. Will you company sell me the Spinner Knob with out the base? I see that you sell the base only Thanks, Amy Hall

Dann Bunn

Date 7/22/2015

I would just pleased if I could find out wh

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